Clinical Negligence

Diane Rostron is a specialist medical negligence solicitor with more than twenty years’ experience of dealing with the most complicated medical claims.

Meet your clinical negligence specialist, Diane Rostron.

Diane has brought together a team of highly specialised lawyers and medical experts to assist in pursuing justice for those families whose lives have been adversely affected by a medical accident.

Working out of a separate office located at the Whitehills Business Park in Blackpool, she can assist with a wide variety of claims, with particular expertise in birth injuries. She has been described as proactive and determined, and she is noted for her persistence, her willingness to take on the most challenging cases and to leave no stone unturned. She is always meticulously prepared and delivers her clients cases forcefully and eloquently. 

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My Mission:

To achieve justice

To secure the best possible, most comfortable and secure future for you and your family

To ensure lessons are learned and that mistakes are not repeated.

To make something positive out of something negative.

Empathy & Understanding

These qualities are combined with empathy and understanding for her clients who are often facing the most difficult of circumstances. Her years of experience and expertise enables her to obtain results where other solicitors have failed.

Put your trust and faith in me.

My service is tailored to meet your specific needs; every client is treated as a person, never a number.

Clinical negligence, particularly that which involves a complicated birth injury claim, is a very difficult area of the law to be able to prove a case beyond any reasonable doubt.

I’m passionate about what I do, passionate about justice and making sure the right result is achieved. I am passionate about my families, I aim to do all I can to achieve the very best possible outcome and result. 

My promise: To replace the word impossible with the word possible

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