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Here to support you with the sale, purchase, transfer or re-mortgage of your property.

When buying or selling, a good conveyancer can make all the difference to what can be a stressful time, and at Addies our team will do their utmost to make the experience as smooth and stress free as possible

We will support you through the process, explaining things in a straightforward understandable manner. A fixed price quotation at the start of your property transactions will help you stick to your budget.

Conveyancing Experts

We work closely with estate agents, mortgage providers and brokers to ensure quick and smooth property transactions. We can provide a list of local estate agents to cater to your property sale or purchase requirements. If you need to change your will at the same time as buying a new property; we can also help with wills and probate.

Conveyancing across the Fylde Coast

What to expect when buying or selling your home.

Buying and selling your home can be a daunting process. Here at Addies we aim to make it as smooth and stress free as possible.

What is the usual timescale?

It can be difficult to say with certainty how long each transaction will take as it is dependent on many factors, such as the type of transaction we are undertaking.

For a sale or purchase, we would say that the ‘average’ timescale is about 8 to 12 weeks from either receiving or sending out a contract pack. Each transaction is unique and so your sale or purchase may complete sooner or, due to surrounding circumstance, may take considerable longer.

This is because completion of the transaction will depend on the size of the chain involved as all parties within the chain will need to reach the same stage and be in a position to proceed before a completion date can be agreed. 

If some of the parties in the chain are not yet in a position to proceed, for example because they are obtaining mortgage finance and awaiting a mortgage offer, the rest of the chain is put on hold until everyone in the chain is ready.

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What the key stages of the transaction?

The Seller's solicitors will send a contract pack to the Buyer's solicitors. This will include the Title Deeds and 'protocol documents' that the Seller will need to complete to give information about the property such as details of any work undertaken and any guarantees or Indemnity Policies available.

Usually, the Buyer's solicitors will then order their Searches against the property and raise any questions they may have about the information provided. This is known as 'pre-contract enquiries' and is the stage of the transaction that takes the most time.

The Buyers are then asked to check the documents, enquiries and replies to ensure that they are satisfied with the state and condition of the property, as well as services such as gas and electricity.

If the Seller is still subject to a mortgage, a final figure is obtained to ascertain the amount outstanding which will need to be discharged on completion. Once all of the information is to hand, the necessary undertakings will be provided that the outstanding balance will be paid upon completion.

The Buyer's solicitor will report to the their client on the property, the mortgage, and the contract alongside any other documentation that may be relevant to the transaction.

A completion statement will be prepared by both sets of solicitors setting out the fiancial aspects of the transaction. Evidence of the source of deposit monies will be investigates and the balance required for the Buyer will be collected in readiness for an exchange of contracts. Arrangements will then be made for the Buyer and Seller to sign the contract and associated documents.

A completion date will be agreed with the rest of the chain and contracts exchanged. This is when the agreed completion date becomes legally binding. Mortgage monies will now be ordered from the Buyer's lender if applicable. The time between exchange of contracts and completion is not a set period. It can be on the same day as the contract exchange, or preferably, and more commonly, sometime after exchange of contracts.

The completion date is when the Buyer obtains possession of the property. The Seller must then vacate the property and, once the purchase monies are received, the keys to the property are handed to the Buyer. This is usually undertaken via the Estate Agents.

The Seller's mortgage, if any, will be discharged and the Estate Agents will be paid before reporting to the Seller with the net proceeds of sale.

The necessary stamp duty and land tax forms will be submitted for the Buyer and an application made to HM Land Registry to register ownership of the property, as well as registering any mortgage. When registration formalities are completed, the Buyer will receive proof of ownership and a copy of the deeds will be sent to any lender who has a charge or mortgage registered against the property.